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Bookkeeping & Bookkeeper services

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Bookkeeping services broken down into simple terms.

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We have every type of bookkeeping skill you need

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Lottie Saunders Bookkeeper and bookkeeping services

How Can I Help

Do you hate numbers and finance? Do you dread the end of the year and tax time? Surprise tax bills?

Need to reduce corporation tax or are you just running out of money each time tax is due.

Never know what you need to submit to HMRC and when? Have you got issues with HRMC. Dont worry, I know who to talk too, and what is needed to resolve any issue you have. 

Do you never get round to uploading your receipts or tracking your expenses? We have a really easy way on your phone or you can just simply drop off a bag of them at my office.

Does balancing the books fill you with dread and you end up putting it off month after month? 

Problems with your current accountant or bookkeeper. No worries we have a clever take over process even if your current accountant is not compliant. If you have been typing a bookkeeper near me into Google. Look no further

"Lottie has saved me money off my tax and she calculated that I could lease a new car for half the price. All within two days."

M Brittain

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Boost your savings:

Our experienced team is committed to reducing your corporation and personal tax, helping you keep more money in your pocket.

Ignite your success mindset:

Gain valuable coaching advice to increase your revenue and drive significant profit growth, completely free of charge.

Affordable access to accounting packages:

Enjoy cost-effective access to a wide range of cloud based accounting packages, tailored to meet your needs.

Stay up-to-date effortlessly:

Let Lottie take care of chasing you, ensuring your statutory filings are always up-to-date.

Resolve HMRC issues with ease:

No problem is too big for us to handle. Trust us to sort out any HMRC challenges seamlessly and leave no issue unresolved.

We provide bookkeeping and bookkeeper services

Day To Day Bookkeeping

The everyday work of receipts, expenses, payments and invoices can all be dealt with, along with reconciliations, to allow you to concentrate on all the other aspects of your business.

End Of Year Accounts

Full end of year accounts including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet will all be completed and ready for submission.

VAT Returns

VAT submissions and VAT payment can all be taken care of for you as well as giving you visibility on what your VAT liability is likely to be.

Payroll Management

Complete payroll management is offered, including PAYE, NI and pension contributions.

Near you

Tax Self Assessment

Completion and submission of your tax self assessment as well as reminders of both payments due and payments on account due. We can deal with HMRC for you saving you both time and stress.

Management Reports

A monthly report showing you exactly how your business is doing financially, this will give you clarity across the whole business which will allow you to see where changes, improvements or savings could be made.

Companies House Submissions

The annual confirmation statement and submission of accounts can all be done for you.

Software Integrations

As a cloud based business we can help to ensure that you have all the correct integrations in place to help you have complete visibility across your business finances.


A client that uses lottie saunders bookkeeping and bookkeeper services
Another client using lottie saunders bookkeeping and bookkeeper services
I’ve been working with Lottie as my bookkeeper and virtual assistant for two years and she has never let me down. She’s capable, proactive, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Her approach is very down to earth, warm, helpful and pragmatic. Lottie thinks ahead and anticipates the things you may not have thought of yet and does so whilst being non-judgmental

I’ve just asked her to become my accountant as she has attained her qualifications as I trust her to advise me more than the firm I had appointed. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Jacq Norton
Aurate Ltd & Authentic Artists
Lottie has been by my side since Hour 25 was established in 2016. She totally gets the pressures of running a small business and just has a knack of stepping in and taking away the stress before you have to ask. I never need to worry about my books, she has it covered, whilst still ensuring I am aware of what I need to know as a business owner (she’s also like a dog with a bone when it comes to making me provide receipts). I mainly love that Lottie really cares about my business and my plans and genuinely wants me to succeed. She is a valuable member of my extended team and I wouldn’t run my business without her.


Charlotte Souber

Hour 25 Ltd

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